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Honda's elegant style PCX is really fascinating. Polished with only minor modifications,the motor has been able-bodied gambot to strengthen its exclusive image of Honda pcx elegant style by big modification. Motoralerts in 2010 was modified in the Big Modification. In the motor alerts this year 2010,Big Modification prove, minimal modification is not forever 'bear'. To the eye of themotor, Big Modification replacing standard lamps with projector headlights applicationsequipped with HID lights and angel eyes. With this application capable of presentingBudi dimensions at once futuristic and elegant aura. The application of this lamp addsmore expensive when combined with the splash of white paint all over his body. TwoBoxes pinned on the right and left motors. Box is specifically designed as a box PCXmotor so it looks like a standard box factory default. With a little touch, an aura of luxury motor is more obvious revealed. Speedometer Honda PCX.

Honda pcx elegant style by big modification
Honda pcx elegant style by big modification
Honda pcx elegant style by big modification
Honda pcx elegant style by big modification

Honda pcx elegant style by big modification
Honda pcx elegant style by big modification
Honda pcx elegant style by big modification

Honda pcx elegant style by big modification



Changing the genre Honda Mega Pro models sport a combination of megapro trail and megapro supermoto not work hard for the modifier. Especially for Agung Nugroho, courtier One Brutalle Modification of Banjarnegara, when the change by referring to the Ducati Honda hypermotard.

Here, interviews, greeting friends Agung, try to highlight the body outline Pizza Affairs motor home that has artistic value of it. The fuel tank was taken over from the Honda Revo. Apart form fitting, it also has a base tank bolts and wing can be directly enabled.

Means, intentions Henry put a new wing on the tank had no more trouble. All lights are also attached to the shroud sein in hypermotard although not originally exist.

Because Mustangin, the owner of the motor, a businessman from Wonosobo cow is like touring, front Shockbreaker variation used upside down. Though locally made, it changed and processed so dapper. Others seem to use local components in the swing arm (swing arm).

megapro trail , Most difficult, Henry recalled, when setting Shockbreaker rear. Had tried with angles, but the compression good baseball despite a good display. Finally, more oblique angle plus 15 degrees and tricked by uni track system.


If observed, probably many who do not believe that this motor is still functional. modifikasi honda tiger Do-not to make a display doang? That's because the body behind already dipapas so so trondol abiieeessz. Directly evidenced kalat Tiger is already past the arena test ride, Navan, Nusa Kambangan. Evidence of all functioning and roadworthy.

Still, as usual, this view would work Agus Djanuar of XK Bike Design, Purwokerto. The modifikasi honda tiger concept is simple try to offer. For example affairs tank. "Contrived high rada. Let tasty dikempit while riding. The owner of the motor driving style also affects the design," Agus go on the tank which now can only accommodate 4 liters of gasoline.

Seat rider kept short. Originally tau aja, Lucky the owner of the motor does have a body posture that is not too high. Then set up the seat to be calculated to make the design remains functional. So the dimensions of form and function while the motor can be driven normally. Frame holder of the seat has been replaced by 4 mm as the base plate.

Framework must be cut off at the rear. Shaved from the base of the center back bone to the back end. New seat holder on the chassis had been stuck under the tank. Not only the visual accent per se, but functional.

"The chassis side is made of 2 inch pipe. The material is taken from ISTW product which is a standard pipe industry. Holder of ditempelin behind komstir. While lower arm is welded directly on the axle," said the builder was friendly.
"With a riding position like this is easier to maneuver on the highway. Through the handicap with a lot of corners and straights, do not make tired," proud of this former 80'an Cross era. Believe it!


There is a unique ritual of the XK Bike Design. The finished motor built directly taken turing. Tolerable distance. "I always ask the owner for touring motorcycles. At the same time the introduction of the motor, because the dimensions and style of driving is different. In order for owners to feel so much one with the bike," sure Agus DJ.

Purwokerto, Cilacap Line PP-Nusakambangan a menu for this test ride.modifikasi honda tiger Long straight tracks that bend character combinations ramps and long chamber into handicap to know the limits of this modif motor.

"Rada also excited by the motor proportional change, but the end result is very satisfied," the original Lucky cuap Singkawang, West Kalimantan.

Puasz en mantabs ...! (Motorplus.otomotifnet.com)

Front tire: 120/60-17 Michelin
Rear tire: 160/60-17 Metzeller
Rims: Cagiva Planet
Airs next: CNC
Sok back: YSS
Muffler: Custom
XKBD: 0816-6929-64

source: motorplus.otomotifnet.com


modifikasi yamaha mio soulgambar modifikasi yamaha mio soul go green

Green moss here does not mean funny and cute singles ties. But, more on the colors chosen by a body modification Ratno Kriswanto from Majalengka, West Java. Yamaha Mio Soul repainted that color. "It was almost the same meaning hell with my status is still single," chortled Kris at the beginning of the conversation. But, baseball funny and cute?

Kris gave it all on Mark's Art Project, in order to whitewash the entire cover body yamaha Soul. Of course, for adjusting the color of the vehicle registration, which remains the dominant mangandalkan green. But Kris asked for a touch of graphic and symbol garputala, which became a symbol of the manufacturer Yamaha.

Besides the issue of color, Kris also averse if the form is still the standard yamaha mio soul. At least there must be some parts that dimodif. Alteration hell wants simpler, more toward the low rider.

"Understandably this is a motor bike daily, so modifnya not too heavy," said Kris again. This motor is also often worn for long trips to Jakarta for business.

Backward 25 cm
For the sake of realizing the dream skubek view, Kris referring modification workshop Denise Motor (DM) are versed in the affairs of modification. "The point wanted themes low rider, but is still carrying the safety element so that it remains comfortable riding the road daily. Moreover, this skubek so reliable as a daily ride," asked an honest Kris admitted again and continue looking for a boyfriend this.

By Dean, DM courtier, the original look of Soul did not undergo much change. Just focus on the foot-leg. Pursuing the impression oflow rider , back leg is definitely back. "Listed metal-retreat retreat about 25 cm. Deemed fit, and its position menyesuaikaan Kris for comfortable posture when taken road," said modifier on Jl. K.H Abdul Halim No. 182, Market Balong, Majalengka.

Continue to turn the replacement rim. Soul ori rim had to be replaced. For front mounted Rossi variation of the product with 3-inch wide rubber wrapped in 120/60-14 size tires Swallow.

Who's the back, Denise apply rim of Suzuki APV cars that have previously been modified to adjust the axle Soul. Width to 5 inches.

Beres, for safety reasons before, disc brakes replaced with a larger size. Well, it seems ready escape from the status of singles nih?

Rear tire: 160/60-14 Swallow
Airs next: Yoshimura
Sok back: YSS
Muffler: Honda Revo
DM: 0852-2406-2553



gambar modif honda beat 2009gambar modif honda beat airbrush

Modifikasi honda BEAT arable Han's Motors (HM), Bogor sour-sweet taste. But, do not lick BEAT body because it's not going there. Most taste the dust that sticks to the body of the motor. But, philosophy airbrush honda BEAT called sour-sweet.

jari-jari honda beat modifgambar modif jari-jari honda beat
More meetings with 17-inch
"That is like candy Nano-Nano. because of the candy colors. Well, the concept of color that we take, "beber Hanif 'Han's' House, modifier HC, Bogor.

Wow, that's right honda BEAT color graphic works like a candy HM. Had tuh candy wrapper is opened, must eleven-twelve with honda BEAT HM.

Essentially created an orange color, graphics ditiban dim yellow and green lines plus. "Basically only three colors, red, yellow and green mixed-mixed. The result can make the graphics a variety of colors, "Han's close of Jl. Villa Duta, Baranang Siang,

Ban depan : IRC 50/90-17
Ban belakang : Corsa 90/80-17
Pelek depan : 1,40 x 17
Pelek belakang : 1,40 x 17
Spion : KTC


Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC Streesfighter

Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC Streesfighter
Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC Streesfighter
rends in motorcycle modifications in Navan identical and similar to the flow streetfighter, lately. However Siswo Winoto, home modifications skipper Win's Paddock, try thrusting a new work called "Kuda Lumping of Java" technologically advanced ingredients artificial YamahaJupiter MX 135LC 2006.

In the duck model change this garputala, Wiwin - is a familiar greeting Winoto - combining duck fighter, technology and culture. can claim anything, but features streetfighter still carried little with the back, especially the end of the seat and pointed sepetbor. It also includes a long swing arm design American style.

But the body design, reflecting strong lumping horse, let alone hooked Congor who eat glass. Headlights were taken from the Yamaha Jupiter Z This is compounded combination of technology and culture is the modifier.
Not only that. Switch contacts such as the European car enough push to start the engine. Then, when melinrasi dark street, the lights will turn on automatically because it is equipped with light sensors.

Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC Streesfighter  Here, Wiwin also wear sensors start the engine. Enough with all the applause from a distance of one meter, the machine will turn on. Addition can also be done manually.